The Dos and Don’ts Of Custom Joinery

The possibilities are endless. If you want to add a touch of character to your home, custom joinery can help personalise your bathroom renovation or kitchen cabinets to your needs. If you’re unsure about whether to make the decision to get a custom design, here at DK Kitchen Designs we have listed the top things you should consider before delving into custom joinery.

When should you use custom joinery

  • Create a personalised space: If you’re looking to make a first impression, then custom joinery is perfect for you. Custom-made furniture, kitchens, vanities and bathrooms add flair to your home. It enables you to customise your design to your preferred style, lifestyle and personality, whilst also maximising the functionality and value of your space. There are no limitations, as you can choose designs that meet your every need.
  • Maximise functionality: When you’re designing a dream space it can be easy to get carried away with the fine details. However at DK designs we can help you see the bigger picture. Do you need extra pantry storage for your kids lunch ingredients? Or do you want a breakfast nook where the family can dine in the mornings? With custom joinery, every gap is filled. Your space is maximised for usage, and functionality is prioritised alongside style.
  • Built to last: Unlike standard designs, custom joinery is durable. At DK Kitchen Designs the detailed work of our craftsmen ensures that the feature or space is designed to last. If you’re considering adding timeless and enduring pieces to your home, then custom joinery may be for you.

When you shouldn’t use custom joinery

  • You have time constraints: If you’re thinking about custom, also think about the timeframe of the build. As custom joinery involves a lengthy process from meeting with designers, measuring the space, building and production and installation, it can take a much longer time to finish. If you have a tight time constraint such as looking to have a space finished before your parents come to visit, then you may have to rethink custom joinery as an option.
  • You have budget constraints: Due to the extra attention and detail that goes into custom joinery, it can be more expensive. Also, as skilled craftsmen are dedicating their time to build your custom design from scratch it can be more costly, but certainly worth it! So, consider your budget before delving into the custom design process.

Thinking About A Custom Joinery For Your Home? Contact DK Kitchen Designs

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