Custom Joinery

Professional designers to design, professional installers to install, and professional cabinetmakers to build it for you.

A common misconception is that beautiful designs are expected out of all cabinet makers. One of the Gamborg brothers, Jakob, says “you can't be an expert in everything. You can be a very good cabinetmaker but a terrible designer, or you can be a fantastic designer but can’t put a nail in a wall. It's one of those things”.

Hence, DK Design Kitchens are comprised of a team of experienced designers, installers and cabinet makers to achieve the full breadth of quality work you expect when looking to fit your home with custom joinery.

When We Say Custom, We Mean Custom

We design to inspire and give you that ‘wow’ factor. The only limit is your imagination. Therefore, we do not give you pre-made box designs with standard materials. Any material or colour is made possible with DK Design Kitchens. Whatever is available on the market we can utilise to create your custom joinery with. Every order we collect is made to that order. We do not stock anything, we do not mass produce anything. That is our indefinite promise to you.

Custom Joinery to Fit the Environment

Custom joinery is considered to more superior in terms of its quality, durability and sturdiness. This is a result of the detailed work and craftmanship involved when building out custom joinery. Custom joinery may not be blatantly obvious to the eye. In most cases, it is designed to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the space with the ultimate purpose for providing unique storage solutions for your assets.

That is why our eyes are not fixed on the design of the joinery itself, rather, we look at the space and get an understanding of how the joinery will make sense in the room or in the environment. From there, we narrow down the available options of colours, materials and styles we can incorporate into your joinery. From circular style to Hamptons, plain to veneer doors, solid timber tops, Corian tops, stainless steel tops and natural stone tops, the possibilities are endless.

Home is More Important Than Ever

The way we work has evolved significantly since the start of 2020. More than ever, we are staying indoors and in our homes for work. We know the future is home, working from home, or at least, being part-time at home. However, when our home is not fit for the stresses and space demanded of our work, we cannot perform at our best.

DK Design Kitchens is here to ensure that you have a practical space, as well as a place that you enjoy that separates the home from the office. More and more homes today are being designed with a home office. Though, if your existing home does not have the luxury to accommodate an office, DK Design Kitchens have previously combined kitchens with small home offices. We provide design solutions for your office storage and workstation. We work around your necessities for the perfect work-from-home environment.

Our Process for Our Custom Joinery

Meet with the Designer

We come to your space to get a better understanding of what you are looking to achieve, your budget and the expectations for your custom joinery. Whatever it may be, our designers will tailor the design to fit you and your space.

Measure the Space

Custom joinery is made to measure and to do so, we take all the necessary measurements of the space where you would like to install your joinery. From there, we create a design plan and provide you with a quote.


We showcase our designs with a 3D presentation at our stunning showroom. You will be able to make amendments to the design and ask any questions surrounding the design, quote or build.

Sign Off & Begin Build

Once the design has been finalised and signed off, it will then be passed onto the production team to manage.


Our builders carry out the design with close attention to detail and ensuring that each custom joinery product is compliant with the Australian standard regulations. Meanwhile the owner of the business will be supervising and managing the project closely. Our reputation for high-quality workmanship is not achieved through luck, but through utilising the correct processes and avoiding short-cuts.

Custom Joinery is Delivered & Installed

The team of professional installers will be on site to correctly mount and/or install your custom joinery.

Why Choose DK Design Kitchens for Custom Joinery

We take pride all of our work and are passionate about creating bespoke pieces that last for our client. That is why we offer a 10-year written guarantee on all of the joinery we create for you.

Notably, our team of industry professionals have worked alongside each other for years. This strong relationship amongst the team ensures that each individual understands and is committed to achieving a single goal. That is, to deliver the client’s dream custom joinery.

You dream it, we design it.

If you would like to work with one of our experienced designers or would like more information, get in touch with us today.

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