Why Choose Kleenmaid Appliances? Let’s Talk Cooktops & Ovens

“European elegance, engineering, and efficiency”

Since 1984, Kleenmaid appliances have been enjoyed by households across Australia, with over 1.2 million appliances in service across the country. Manufactured in Europe, Kleenmaid appliances are packed with pioneering features that are across its range. Appliances are tested rigorously, supported by an experienced service network, and are protected by a 5-year factory warranty. With products manufactured to the highest international standards, Kleenmaid has cemented itself as one of the finest appliance brands in today’s market.

Best Of The Best: Kleenmaid Cooktops

With gas, ceramic and induction models available, Kleenmaid cooktops have innovative features throughout their range for your convenience. If you are looking for an induction or ceramic cooktop, you will find that quick heating, careful temperature controls, and heat distribution functionality makes cooking a breeze.

Kleenmaid cooktops come with the following benefits:

  • Flame safe – This safety feature automatically cuts off the gas supply and stops appliance operation if a flame extinguishes prematurely.
  • Optimal stability – Kleenmaid’s ‘Ultimate Stability and Height pan’ supports are devised to maximise the heat transfer to the cooking surface. This feature also helps lower carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Easy access servicing – Kleenmaid cooktops are serviced from below which eliminates the need for removing the entire cooktop for servicing purposes.
Why Choose Kleenmaid Appliances? Let’s Talk Cooktops & Ovens, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Why You Need a Kleenmaid Oven In Your Next Kitchen

Kleenmaid’s broad range of ovens offer features such as basic functions to intuitive cooking mechanisms, so believe us when we say that there is a Kleenmaid oven out there for you! Their ovens come in three sizes – 45cm, 60cm, and 90cm. Here are reasons why you should consider Kleenmaid when in the market for a new oven:

Why Choose Kleenmaid Appliances? Let’s Talk Cooktops & Ovens, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Versatile and functional

Catering to various kitchen needs, Kleenmaid’s range of ovens are available in convection, multifunction, microwave, and freestanding models.

In terms of features, Kleenmaid has packed their ovens full of innovative functions and controls including:

  • Fast pre-heat boost
  • Thermal reflective glass – This keeps the heat inside the appliance.
  • Eco residual heat function – This helps to reduce energy costs.
  • Self-cleaning technology – Hydrolytic (using water) and Oleophobic (low-energy cleaning)
  • Auto-pause and resume feature – Where the appliance switches off when the door is opened and resumes when closed.

Safe for the family

It is worth mentioning that Kleenmaid ovens are nickel-free and toxin-free. Where the hydrolytic cleaning technology does not require any harmful chemicals for a deep clean. This handy feature is one of the quickest, cheapest, and safest ways to keep an oven clean.


Kleenmaid’s ovens offer an “eco residual heat function” which aims to lower energy usage, and therefore, energy costs. Similarly, most of their range has an “auto boost function” where the appliance can heat itself to 150⁰C in as little as 4 minutes!

Your Trusted Supplier of Kleenmaid Appliances: DK Design Kitchens

Here at DK Design Kitchens, we are delighted to recommend and supply Kleenmaid products. The mentioned Kleenmaid oven and cooktop features are some of the most advanced on the market, and more information is available on Kleenmaid’s official website.

DK Design Kitchens have a Collaroy showroom with this premium brand on display and our professional team are ready to provide you with expert advice on your next kitchen renovation. If you would like to see Kleenmaid products in person or have any related questions, get in touch with us today on (02) 8413 8899.

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