Have You Heard About Bora’s Show-Stopping Cooktop Range?

A cooktop is an essential part of any kitchen and whether you are looking for something more advanced, or you just want an efficient model for everyday cooking, consider a Bora cooktop today. With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen industry, Bora appliances are manufactured in Germany using top-quality materials. Bora is transforming how we cook in our kitchens by providing higher functionality and extra freedom as a result of remarkable design and new technologies.

Not all of us have the luxury of having a spacious, perfectly laid out kitchen, and this is why Bora has done the work to design cooktop solutions that can suit any space, even smaller or unfavourably shaped kitchens. Keep reading to find out about Bora’s patented extractor system and the types of cooktops that are on offer.

The Unique Bora Extractor System

Bora cooktops feature an integrated cooktop extractor that solves the problem of bulky rangehoods. This came about in 2006 when German carpenter Willi Bruckbauer developed his ground-breaking cooktop extractor system to see “the end of the extractor hood.”

Essentially, Bora’s exclusive extractor system captures all vapours along with any unwelcome cooking smells straight from the cooktop. This system offers many benefits such as:

  • No more odours – The close extractor system removes the majority of cooking smells, grease, and steam before it has the chance to infiltrate your kitchen and house.
  • Minimal noise – The system is designed to be very quiet, therefore, minimal disruption is caused
  • Simple cleaning – Due to most parts being removable and dishwasher-safe, this enables easy cleaning. Even if there is a spill during the cook, the integrated ‘drip tray’ helps in catching liquids and solids.
  • Highly effective – With a Cleanrate of 100%, Bora operates more effectively than conventional rangehoods.
Have You Heard About Bora’s Show-Stopping Cooktop Range?, Kitchens Northern Beaches

What Are The Bora Cooktop Types?

Bora Professional 2.0

The Bora Professional 2.0 has extra deep 54cm cooktops that provide extra space to cook. This premium cooktop blends knob control with a modern touch surface and digital display.

Bora Classic 2.0

Operating the Bora Classic 2.0 is as simple as a finger swipe. Its controls can be accessed by a single touch, and since there is no space taken up by knobs, you can cook four 24cm pots simultaneously. While optimum airflow and minimal fan noise from the extractor means that the system is very quiet.

What’s more is that the parts of the cooktop that are exposed to cooking vapour can be separated and cleaned in the dishwasher. The Bora Classic 2.0 is perfect for busy families who don’t have the time to clean up.

Bora Classic

The Bora Classic suits the modern kitchen with its minimalistic design and flush installation. Thanks to its optimal design, this classic cooktop is ideal for kitchens of any size and layout.

Bora Basic

The Bora Basic features one operating panel to leave you with enough space to cook with multiple pans and pots. This model unites the cooktop and extractor system while featuring Bora’s special low-noise fan.

Have You Heard About Bora’s Show-Stopping Cooktop Range?, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Bora Pure

If you are looking for flush installation, the Bora Pure cooktop is the one for you. And in a one-of-a-kind feature, all vapours, grease, and odours are neutralised by a highly efficient activated charcoal filter.

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