All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles

German-designed Fittings & Hardware

With over 35 years of operation in Australia, Hafele is renowned for designing and engineering the finest furniture fittings and architectural hardware. Hafele was established in Germany, a country recognised for its superior quality in manufacturing, and ultimately, its products.

DK Design Kitchens work with Hafele to offer high-quality hardware such as kitchen handles and knobs, bin systems, and clever storage solutions.

All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Why Should You Choose Hafele Furniture Handles for your Next Kitchen?

Furniture handles by Hafele aim to be “reliable, but also beautiful that is used and appreciated” (Hafele). They are designed to be classic and elegant while being hand-flattering, perfect for use in any modern Australian kitchen.  

Hafele furniture handles are available in a wide variety of different finishes:

  • Brushed – Nickel Plated, Used Look, Chrome Plated
  • Polished – Chrome Plated, Gold Coloured
  • Coloured – Bronze, Matte Black/White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Graphite
  • Metallic – Grey
  • Pewter – Dark, Antique
  • Antibacterial

For detailed information on Hafele furniture handle options and finishes, please see their official website.

All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles, Kitchens Northern Beaches

5 Hafele Furniture Handle Ideas for Your Next Renovation

#1 Idea: Dark Pewter Coloured Handles

Pewter is usually a mid-tone grey colour with a slightly cooler undertone. Pewter finished handles by Hafele are typically nickel plating on brass which has been dulled to simulate the metal alloy ‘pewter’. After, the desired colour can be applied, such as matte black as pictured on the right.  

If you are aiming for a rustic feeling kitchen, you can integrate older looking aspects by selecting more ‘aged’ décor or hardware, such as dark pewter handles.

Our recommendation: Finger Pull Furniture Handle in Matt Black by Hafele

#2 Idea: Classic Brushed Nickel Handles

Brushed nickel continues to be a popular choice of hardware finish in many Australian kitchens. This soft and sleek finish goes with almost any cabinet colour and style, perfect to pair with stainless steel kitchen appliances.

All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles, Kitchens Northern Beaches

#3 Idea: Antique Pewter Handles  

Antique pewter gives a rustic feel that can add dimension to any space and can be perfect for a farmhouse-inspired or traditional Shaker kitchen.

The distressed finish of this handle would add character to a kitchen, and the darker colour can hide small marks, making it an ideal choice to conceal pesky fingerprints.

Our recommendation: Antique Pewter Furniture Handle by Hafele

#4 Idea: Matte Black Handles

Matte black has always been a trendy finish to use in kitchens and other areas of the house. Its sleek, modern look can easily add contrast and can certainly make a statement.

All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles, Kitchens Northern Beaches

#5 Idea: Textile Handles

If you are feeling truly inspired, why not check out Hafele’s textile furniture handles? They are available in multiple colours – champagne, black, brass, and antique brass. These furniture handles are textured on the surface, leaving you with a ‘warm’ feeling handle instead of the cooler touch you may expect from a normal metal handle.

Our recommendation: Furniture Handle Design Model H1910 – Matt black by Hafele

All You Need to Know About Hafele Furniture Handles, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Hafele and DK Design Kitchens

Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, Hafele supplies all the hardware for projects by DK Design Kitchens. Regardless of the desired finish or feel of your next kitchen renovation, there will be a Hafele product that will suit your needs and requirements.

Based in Collaroy NSW, DK Design Kitchens are an award-winning kitchen renovation company that takes inspiration from European and Scandinavian design. We aim for the highest quality in manufacturing, design, and construction. Get in touch with DK Design Kitchens to design that dream kitchen of yours today!

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