5 Innovative Scandi Kitchen Design Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

Who says functional can’t be stunning? Scandi kitchen designs allow you to get the most out of a kitchen with respect to storage, layout, and aesthetics. In this day and age, we are spending more time at home, so our kitchen is being used more often as well. With the modern and smart Scandi design, you simply won’t ever want to leave your kitchen!

Here are five modern Scandi kitchen design ideas you’ve never seen before.

Be Clever with Your Storage Using a Tandem Pantry

You won’t waste an inch of space in your next kitchen with a small Tandem pantry installed below your integrated appliances. Featuring the soft-close mechanism, this kitchen accessory is a great storage option to make use of those awkward spaces left over when appliances are installed at eye level.

This innovative idea allows you to fully reveal the pantry’s contents without the need to rummage around to find that spice you’re after!

Up The Ante with a Corner Cabinet

Amaze your guests with secret inbuilt storage options. Normally, corner cabinets are inaccessible and overlooked, but not anymore, with the help of Hafele’s corner cabinet Ninka Quanto design. This fitting uses a vertical extendable tray that maximises space and is ideal for the storage of appliances. Helping to free up benchtop space while maximising room, what’s not to love about this inventive storage option?

Take Advantage of All the Power Options

Power sources can be easily hidden with Hafele’s Point Pod or Docking Drawer (in duo or trio). These accessories are perfect for the modern family who can never seem to have enough power points in the house.

Smart Waste Management System

Choosing a bin system has never been the most exciting decision to make when designing a kitchen space. Hafele now offers an innovative One2Five Bin System to support all your waste management needs – it’s all about integration, use of space, and expandability.  

Consider Extra Storage

Think outside the box when it comes to storage – why not turn that narrow area left between the fridge and cabinet into extra storage? This is Scandi kitchen design in its full effect.
One clever Scandi kitchen design is the use of pull-out storage. Hafele’s Kessebohmer Dispensa Junior III is an ideal accessory for optimising the use of small spaces in your Scandi kitchen. This storage option helps to efficiently store away items and make them easy to access when needed.

DK Kitchen Designs: The Scandinavian Kitchen Design Experts

And there you have it, the tip of the iceberg for innovative Scandi kitchen design ideas. As you can see, Scandinavian kitchen design ideas are practical and effortless, with many homeowners and renovators choosing this style for good reason.  

Established in 1995, Sydney-based DK Design Kitchens can bring your dream Scandi kitchen design to life. Our Collaroy showroom has many of these kitchen design ideas on display and a lot more. If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our professional team on 02 8413 8899.

Are you feeling inspired? See these helpful videos from DK Kitchen Designs’ for more innovative Scandi kitchen design ideas!

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