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Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches
Northern Beaches - DK Design Kitchens
Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches
Value for money
Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches
Northern Beaches - DK Design Kitchens
Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches
Northern Beaches - DK Design Kitchens


There is nothing more important than quality when it comes to kitchen design, construction and installation.

Jakob and Michael Gamborg first fell in love with the industry in their homeland of Denmark, where ‘Scandi design’ was born out of a desire for only the highest quality manufacturing, design and construction.

They took inspiration from fellow Danes Jorn Utzon, who was the architect for the Sydney Opera House, and Arne Jacobsen, who designed the Egg and Swan Chairs for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Masterpieces that are not only elegant and sophisticated but built to stand the test of time.

The Gamborg brothers then brought that philosophy of premium or ‘silver service’ kitchen design to Sydney in the mid-1990s, and as the popularity of Scandi-design has soared nationwide, their names have remained at the forefront of the industry. When homeowners and commercial enterprises are in the market for a Scandi-design kitchen they are drawn to DK Design Kitchens because it is proven.

Over the past three decades, DK has earned its reputation of excellence thanks to the expertise and experience of its designers; and its long-held partnerships with respected local contractors and the most trusted brands internationally – such as Bora, Kleenmaid, Consatino and Haefler.

The local building company we use JG Renovations is owned by another Dane Jan Gade, and he has the same attitude as us, it’s got to be quality, it’s got to be done professionally, and of course look good!”

Jakob says.

DK has had no shortage of celebrity clients, and most recently, the winners of The Block: Manly, Andrew and Jamie, used its custom-made joineries for the wardrobes in their apartment.

Value For Money

“We’re not the cheapest, we’re not the dearest, but we’re the best value for money. I know what’s out there and what they charge,”

Jakob declares. 

Jakob warns that cheaper is rarely better when it comes to the kitchen design industry, as there are a lot of “cowboys”, who are trained to focus only on the sale. Once pen meets paper, good luck trying to build a working relationship with the designers and decision-makers or having any control over your renovation.

DK is not the cheapest option because of the care and attention it provides; the time its designers spend with clients; the quality of the work; and the premium materials and brands that give your renovation that ‘Wow’ factor.

“Our designers go to your home and talk you through your options. They get a feel for what will and won’t work, and help you create your dream kitchen or bathroom,”

Jakob continues.

That’s what separates us from the cowboys out there, we care about our clients and we take immense pride in our work.”

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service has always been priority number one for the team at DK. In an industry that relies so heavily on referral traffic, impressing new clients is crucial to ongoing success and longevity, and the Gamborg brothers have thrived for close to the 30 years.

You only have to take a look at DK’s results in the coveted Australian Achiever Awards for testimony of the value they place on customer satisfaction.

Covering the eight customer service pillars of client needs; value; time-related service; care and attention; attitude; communication; referral; and overall perception, DK was awarded the ‘Australian Achiever Highly Recommended’ status, with an overall score of 97.25 per cent.

In fact, across the 13 times DK Design Kitchens has entered the Australian Achiever Awards, it boasts an average overall score of 95 per cent!

“We love taking care of our clients, they are in safe hands,”

Jakob guarantees.

DK’s customers appreciate the unfettered access to the owners too. Michael is the site manager, so from a client’s point of view they can deal directly with a decision-maker throughout the project. Rather than sharing concerns with a site foreman, who then needs to talk to the boss before any changes can be made, they can go directly to the man with the final say.

Our process improves efficiency and speed. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – time is money!”

Jakob says.

Total solutions

The only construction limitation for DK is building a new house from the foundations. Everything else they have secured licenses for. This means customers can approach the Gamborg brothers with a request of any scale, from the installation of a single cabinet, to a house extension including a new kitchen and bathroom.

It is far more cost-effective and hassle-free for a client to use one company for the entire renovation, and DK has building, plumbing and electrical teams that deliver the same exceptional quality and service that the Gamborg brothers guarantee with every project.

You dream it, we design it.

If you would like to work with one of our experienced designers or would like more information, get in touch with us today.

Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches Why DK, Kitchens Northern Beaches