What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?

At its heart, Scandinavian kitchen design consists of very few but distinctive features – with the final product being a visually relaxing and serviceable area. Scandinavian design is timeless, classic, and clean with few joint lines. This enduring kitchen style centres around the seamless blend of simplicity and functionality.
Although characterised by a neutral colour palette, you can easily add warmth by using textured elements such as a concrete benchtop, timber, or granite accents in a Scandi kitchen. To keep it as simple as possible, these kitchens seldom have more than one or two major features – it’s all about restraint.

What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?, Kitchens Northern Beaches
What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Brief History into The Scandinavian Style

In the early 20th century, the Scandinavian design movement was born in the Nordic nations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. But it was in the 1950s when this unique style truly took the world by storm. Combining minimalism and practicality, Scandinavian-inspired kitchens deliver an effortless solution for humble living.

Iconic Scandinavian designs include the PH Artichoke Light (1958), Y Or Wishbone Chair (1949), and the Spanish Chair, to name a few. Through the years, the Scandinavian style has continued to develop, transforming into a progressive style that is also a timeless classic.

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”—Nicholas Burroughs

What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Benefits of Scandinavian Kitchen Design

“Timeless and simple”is how Jakob, the proud owner of DK Design Kitchens, would explain Scandinavian kitchen design. To reiterate its relevance in today’s world, the Scandi ‘Egg Chair’ is still immensely popular despite being designed decades ago – now you can see just how timeless Scandi-inspired designs are!  

Here are some of the key benefits of Scandi kitchen design:

Emphasis on Functionality

What’s the point of having a bespoke kitchen that is poorly set up and hard to get around? Scandinavian kitchen designs make the most of the space available, with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and careful planning of the kitchen layout and appliance positioning.   

Easy Maintenance

Scandinavian-style kitchens often feature cabinetry that does not have a top surface where dust and dirt collect over time. A quick wipe of the cabinetry keeps the kitchen looking fresh and clean.

Storage Galore

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is one of the more popular features of Scandi-inspired kitchens. This type of storage option not only offers a clean and sleek look, but it provides maximum storage capacity.   

Adaptable Design With a neutral colour palette, Scandi kitchens fit right into the modern Australian home. These hues readily work with all sorts of design schemes and textures, from solid timber to marble elements. You can get creative with your kitchen furniture choices as well; consider rustic-looking or modern bar stools with your Scandi-inspired kitchen, helping to add a touch of warmth and contrast.   

What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?, Kitchens Northern Beaches
For more Scandinavian kitchen design inspiration, please check out DK Design Kitchens’ gallery.

Get Started with Your Bespoke Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen Today

One of the best ways to summarise the Scandinavian kitchen design is “less is more.” Forever classic and designed to last, this particular kitchen design is ideal if you are looking for something modern and functional. It is crystal clear that this gorgeous kitchen style is not going anywhere.   

Talk to a DK Design Kitchens’ design consultant today and uncover the right blend of design, layout, cabinet finishes, and more to achieve the Scandinavian kitchen you’re after. Visit our Collaroy showroom or call our friendly team on 02 8413 8899 to get started today!

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