Top 6 Features of Kleenmaid Ovens

Functional & European-designed Appliances

Headquartered in Sydney, Kleenmaid appliances are now found in over 1.2 million Australian households. Kleenmaid has been the go-to consumer electronics brand for many due to its high international manufacturing standards, quality materials, and overall reliability. Their products come with a 3-year warranty on parts and labour, supported by a highly experienced nationwide service network.

About Kleenmaid Ovens

As a company, Kleenmaid understands everyone has varying needs in terms of appliances, and their oven designs and features are engineered with this in mind. The Kleenmaid oven range offers various options to cater to the different demands of every kitchen, from built-in to freestanding ovens.   

Kleenmaid Oven Types:

  • Kleenmaid Black Krystal Intuitive Oven
  • Kleenmaid Multifunction Oven
  • Kleenmaid Steam Oven
  • Kleenmaid Microwave Oven
  • Kleenmaid Elevator Oven

Best of Kleenmaid Oven Features


Offering products with basic functions as well as intuitive, sophisticated cooking controls, there is a Kleenmaid oven suited to your family’s needs.

The Kleenmaid oven range comes in three different sizes: 45cm, 60cm, and 90cm.

Top 6 Features of Kleenmaid Ovens, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Advanced Controls

Kleenmaid ovens offer exceptionally advanced features for your convenience; their oven models may include features such as:

  • Hydrolytic® Self-Cleaning – This 30-minute cleaning feature in the Kleenmaid H series uses 500ml of water to clean internal racks effortlessly. 
  • Thermal Reflective Glass – This Kleenmaid oven feature is made from unique thermal reflective glass to ensure most heat is retained within the oven.
  • Boost and Auto Boost – Kleenmaid ovens offer an incredibly time-saving feature where pre-heating or increasing the temperature can take just a few minutes. Some models can reach 150⁰C in 4 minutes using this exclusive boost function.
  • Safety Cool Door – Keeps the oven door at a safe temperature, making it less of a hazard for children or pets.
  • Eco Residual Heat – When this feature is activated, the oven will automatically turn itself off 5 minutes before the end cooking time to reduce energy use.
Top 6 Features of Kleenmaid Ovens, Kitchens Northern Beaches


Kleenmaid ovens often feature multiple appliances in one product, including functions such as microwave, cook, defrost, grill, and bake. Not only this, having an all-in-one oven can save kitchen space so you have more room for other appliances and storage.


Kleenmaid products are designed with the environment in mind, such as the overall energy consumption, and the water usage of appliances. Kleenmaid ovens have a distinctivefeature where the oven will automatically turn itself off 5 minutes before the end cooking time, this feature is called “Eco Residual Heat”. 


This Kleenmaid oven feature combines a uniquely designed fan blade shape with an economical fan shield profile. THERMAflow8 helps to distribute airflow throughout 8 zones within an oven, this encourages even, consistent cooking that uses less energy.

Removable Oven Door

Kleenmaid ovens are equipped with a fully removable door, making it easy to take apart and complete a regular and deep clean.

Top 6 Features of Kleenmaid Ovens, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Proud Suppliers of Kleenmaid Ovens: DK Design Kitchens

Sydney-based DK Design Kitchens are very proud to recommend and sell Kleenmaid products. The mentioned Kleenmaid oven features are some of the most advanced and innovative on the market, and more product information and features can be found on Kleenmaid’s official website.

DK Design Kitchens have a Collaroy showroom with this premium brand on display and so much more. If you would like to see Kleenmaid products in person or have any related questions, please get in touch with us today on (02)8413 8899!

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