Simplicity is the hardest thing to design, creating a mess is the easiest thing to design.

Masters of design and superior quality, the Gamborg brothers are no strangers to creating a kitchen that is one with your entire living environment.

Why Scandinavian Design for Your Kitchen

Simplicity never goes out of fashion. Less is more when it comes to Scandinavian design. Though it may sound bare at first, the combination of warm timbers, beautiful textures, neutral colours and natural stones sing in harmony to create one symphony. Minimalising clutter and joint lines where possible, Scandinavian design allows you to breathe in your kitchen without feeling overwhelmed. Expect a classic and timeless kitchen when incorporating Scandinavian design by DK Design Kitchens.

Designed to Last

On average, you will purchase two kitchens during your lifetime. Therefore, a good quality kitchen that has been well maintained should last 25 to 35 years as the bare minimum. Throughout those years, you will want a kitchen that does not become outdated, but rather, one that stands the test of time. This is what we focus on, here at DK Design Kitchens. Providing exceptional quality kitchens but with thought and innovative design that lasts.

Leaving it to the Professionals

Our aim is to give you ease of mind. The responsibility of the kitchen design, the handling of trades and execution will be in our hands, releasing that pressure off you. We have professional designers, professional installers, manufacturers and it is our job stay on top of all the latest machinery in the market. That’s why at DK, we do what we do because we love finding new ways to help people navigate their home and their kitchens.

With so many moving parts to a kitchen renovation, our years of expertise will ensure that each design point you request is viable and practical for the space. The balance between practicality and design is one that is only understood by a professional. Too often we see design overruling practicality, leaving an individual with a narrow walkway or placing a fridge in the centre of the kitchen creating an overload of traffic in the space. You can trust the designers at DK Design Kitchens will understand the pitfalls and collision points in design, so that you can have a perfect kitchen from day one.

The Process of Designing & Building a Kitchen

Our process will vary depending on whether you are looking to renovate your existing kitchen, or it is part of a new house build. In any case, we tailor our process to work with our clients and ensure that they are guided each step of the way.

Meet with the designer

We ask clarifying questions about the kitchen you are after. If it is an existing kitchen you are looking to replace, we ask what aspects of the current kitchen you like and dislike. Additionally, what would you like to expect out of the new kitchen? We then focus on your lifestyle and needs. It may be a large pantry space due to your limited shopping time or growing family. No matter what it is, we take all of these factors into account.

Measure the Space

We come out and measure your space. From there, our team of designers work closely to bounce ideas of each other, to ensure that what we present to you is our best work.

3D Presentation at the Showroom

You will be able to come to our showroom where we present a full 3D presentation of our first idea. From there, you will be able to discuss and collaborate with the designers to make changes to get it right for you, if for some reason we were not able to get it right the first time.

Sign Off and Begin the Build

We double-check the design fits the area and that each aspect of the design can be made with the builder. We confirm with you the design and production drawings. Once you are satisfied, we commence production.


The project and site will be managed by the owner to ensure quality and smooth running. Additionally, having an owner of the business will guarantee that making decisions on site will be instant and thoroughly checked.

Kitchen is Delivered

Depending on your needs for the space, we are able to deliver, organise flooring, trades, building work and complete entire installations.

Why Work with DK Design Kitchens for Your Next Kitchen?

Our achievements over the years have not come down to just our impeccable work but also our dedication to providing exceptional customer service. It is this core value that DK Design Kitchens is well known for. You only need to take a look at recent testimonials from our extensive list of clienteles. We are consistently awarded and recognised at the Australian Achiever Awards for our dedication to customer service in our process, boasting an average score of 95% over 13 years of entering.

DK Design Kitchens stands out from the crowd by delivering what we promise, whether that would be our kitchens or our excellent customer service. Not to mention, we believe we provide incredible value for your dollar. We do not cut corners, nor do we simply focus on a sale. It is about putting dedication and care into each individual project we receive from a client. Therefore, with so many kitchen companies, renovators and builders out there on the market, DK Design Kitchens is an easy choice when you need a kitchen designed beyond expectations, built to exceptional standards and completed with ease.

You dream it, we design it.

If you would like to work with one of our experienced designers or would like more information, get in touch with us today.

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