DK Kitchen Designs

There are a number of fundamental kitchen designs that most kitchens can be categorised by.  We are not limited to using any particular existing kitchen designs and frequently customise & develop new designs for our clients, however we have provided the following kitchen design categories to assist you with your decisions.

Single-line Kitchen Designs

This is a typical kitchen design to suit a room with a single  wall. There are a number of options available to create more work space & storage.

Two line Kitchen Designs

With a minimum distance of 1.2 metres between, a two line kitchen makes great use of the available area.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs

L Shaped kitchens have a range of advantages. In a larger room, an L Shaped kitchen design can permit a dining table while carousel fittings provide easy access to the corner cupboards.

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

These kitchen designs maximise work surface area and storage, being well suited to both small & larger rooms.


An island kitchen design creates a sense of space & width, perfectly complimenting larger and open-plan areas.