Five Innovative Kitchen Design Solutions You Need To Know About In 2021

Thinking about modernising your kitchen? At DK Kitchen Designs we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken down the top five design trends for contemporary kitchens that you need to know.

1. Going back in time. Exploring vintage and antique pieces

In today’s modern kitchens, adding vintage touches is a great way to create a more homey feeling to the space. It creates a clean and decluttered look that allows for a relaxed dining experience. Simply adding weathered-wood cabinets, repurposed furniture and retro cooktops can liven up a kitchen whilst also creating a more traditional feel. The Farmhouse kitchen style is becoming increasingly popular as it embraces unpretentious design through a more simplistic and old-school style.

2. Embracing the natural elements

Marble, granite and wood are becoming increasingly popular elements in today’s modern kitchens. This is due to the high aesthetic appeal and quality of a more natural kitchen that embraces texture and minimalism. Kitchen designs today are experimenting with different types of wood and natural accents to bring nature indoors. To create a natural atmosphere in your kitchen design, consider opting for darker tones, adding greenery, stone backsplashes and wooden tabletops. At DK design kitchens, our minimalist Scandinavian kitchen designs embrace natural tones and minimalism so that you can dine in peace without feeling overwhelmed in your kitchen.

Five Innovative Kitchen Design Solutions You Need To Know About In 2021, Kitchens Northern Beaches

3.  Bold colour contrasts

Adding a splash of purple to your kitchen can definitely make a bold statement, and if done correctly it can create a more regal and classy feel to your kitchen. Contemporary kitchens are now experimenting with brave colour contrasts such as mixing orange and blue accents. Some of the no-fail colour contrast choices include mixing green and gold, red and yellow and blue and brown. For a safe, no-regrets approach consider first choosing neutral colours that will be inexpensive to replace if you change your mind.

4.  Make a statement with your lighting

Layering with lighting is a common way to add character or highlight certain areas of your kitchen. This can include mixing different lighting styles, to create a more edgy and energetic feel to the kitchen. For example, many modern kitchens use accent lighting to highlight any decorative features or accents in the kitchen, whilst also using pendant lighting over islands to illuminate dining areas.

5.  Mix and Match

Mixing and matching in the kitchen isn’t just about experimenting with different colours, it’s also about different textures, materials and tones. This can include juxtaposing glass cabinets with a glazed tile backsplash. This trend is definitely a common feature of modern kitchens, as it strays from the traditional standard of singular styles in the kitchen.

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