Choosing the Right Kitchen Splashback

Explore Material, Colour and Texture Choices for Your Renovation or New Installation

So you’re renovating your kitchen and need to choose a kitchen splashback? Whether it’s for a kitchen renovation or a new installation, choosing the right kitchen splashback can be an important step in framing your kitchen design.

Whatever material you choose, make sure to consider the colour and texture of your kitchen cabinets and countertops. You want your kitchen splashback to blend in with the rest of your kitchen, not stick out like a sore thumb. Take your time in choosing the right kitchen splashback – it will be a key part of your kitchen’s design for many years to come. As there is a wide variety of materials, colours and textures to consider when looking at kitchen splashback, we at DK Design Kitchens have made it easy for you. We have compiled this guide as an introduction to help you make the best decision for your space.

1. Glass

Glass kitchen splashbacks are a popular choice for Sydney homes as they provide a sleek and modern look. They come in many different colours, finishes and textures, so you can find one that perfectly suits your taste and style. Glass kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain – just wipe them down with a damp cloth when needed.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Splashback, Kitchens Northern Beaches

2. Tiles

Another popular kitchen splashback material is tiles. There are many different tile designs and colours to choose from, so you can create a unique look for your kitchen. Tiles are also easy to clean and maintain – just use warm water and a mild detergent to wipe them down.

3. Metal

If you’re looking for something that provides extra insulation and soundproofing, then metal kitchen splashbacks may be the right choice for you. Metal splashbacks come in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, copper and matte black, so you can find one that matches your kitchen’s style. Metal kitchen splashbacks are durable and easy to clean – just wipe them down with a damp cloth when needed.

4. Stone

The kitchen splashback can also be made from natural stone such as marble and granite, which are both popular choices in Sydney homes. Stone kitchen splashbacks provide a modern look with their sleek finish, but they require more maintenance than other materials to keep them looking great. Stone kitchen splashbacks are also quite expensive, so they may not be the best choice for everyone.

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So, what kitchen splash back material is right for you? Glass, tiles, metal, or stone – each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider all of your options before making a decision. For more advice on kitchen renovations and installations in Sydney, contact the team at DK Design Kitchens today. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect kitchen splash back for your home. We hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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