A bathroom is well-designed when it’s designed to fit you

DK Design Kitchens are not tied down to only kitchens. Instead, their knowledge and extensive processes carry through to bathrooms as well. The duo at DK Design Kitchens have been designing bathrooms since 1995. Therefore, you can be rest assured your bathroom is in trusted and skilled hands.

Custom Bathrooms to Fit Your Home

Designing and building a bathroom is more than modernising the space. It is subjected to tailoring the space to fit your family, your lifestyle and optimising the space to suit you to a tee. Get the most out of your bathroom by having an award-winning design team lead the way.

Quality Custom Joinery

There is no limit when it comes to designing and building custom joinery with DK Design Kitchens. From veneer to polyurethane, to laminates, to stone-cladded finishes – we can source any material for you. We will suggest the benefits and qualities of each material, keeping in mind that they are suitable in a bathroom environment. All the while working with you to create pieces that are tailored to the way you use your vanity or cupboards. Perhaps you would like a large vanity, however, the space does not allow for it. This is where DK Design Kitchens can help you find a solution to achieve what you want within the confinements of your bathroom.

A Professional Team to Help You from Start to Finish

Our trusted team of experts are with you every step of the way. Additionally, to ensure we maintain the high level of quality and standards we expect from each of our builds, the owners of the business design and manage the project for you. Approvals are instantaneous, aiding in the smooth running of your bathroom renovation/build.

The complexity of bathroom builds requires a team of specialists within their respective fields to ensure each aspect of the project is completed to a professional standard. Too often we hear mishaps with multiple trades that are not qualified to carry out the task, leaving vital parts of the space vulnerable. Waterproofing the space, for example, is an incredibly important step that requires a complete and thorough execution. In the case that a leak occurs and is not visible from the inside of the bathroom, it can snowball into a costly repair.

That is why we strongly recommend a team of experts, like those at DK Design Kitchens, to take the responsibility off your shoulders and to ease your mind. Not only do we ensure every step is completed accurately, but we back our work up by providing you a 10-year written waterproofing certificate. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your bathroom, please contact us today for a quote.

The Process of Designing & Building a Bathroom

We follow a similar process as our kitchen design and builds. Additionally, throughout the entire process, we are consistently communicating with our client to ensure they are with us every step of the way.

Meet and Greet the Designer

The designer will come out to you and ask you clarifying questions about what you would like to achieve for your bathroom. They will discuss your likes and pain points of your current bathroom. From there, we confirm the possibilities of the design and find solutions to make the design viable for the space.

Measure the Space

During the consultation with the designer, they will measure the space and provide you with a rough costing.

3D Presentation at the Showroom

You will be invited to our showroom where we have state of the art 3D modelling presentations to showcase our first versions of the design. You will be able to raise modifications and edits here. 

Sign Off and Begin Production

We finalise the design with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied to go ahead. Our team will also complete final checks with the space to confirm that the design fits the dimensions.


Our team of plumbers, electricians, tilers and builders will begin the production of your soon-to-be dream bathroom. The project will be managed from start to finish by the owner of the business to maintain the high standards we expect and that approvals are made on-site when needed.

A Brand New Bathroom

Following the post build clean-up, you are provided with a 10-year written waterproofing certificate.

Why Work with DK Design Kitchens for Your Next Bathroom?

Gone are the days of box designs and one-size-fits-all bathroom fit outs. Unlike other companies, we are not about the sale and only have our best interest in mind when it comes to our clients. DK Design Kitchens has year on year for 13 years consecutively, been awarded and highly recommended at the Australian Achiever Awards for our exceptional customer service and standard of quality of our works.

There is no bathroom too big or small and no design to grand for us to work with. Flexibility is our strong suit and should you require much more than just a bathroom, we offer full house set-ups for our clients. In past projects, we have completed laundries, wardrobes, entertainment units, libraries and garage storage. If you would like to know more about our custom joinery or home storage solutions, please contact us today for a quote.

You dream it, we design it.

If you would like to work with one of our experienced designers or would like more information, get in touch with us today.

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