All About Cosentino: Silestone, Dekton & Sensa Surfaces

The benchtop is one of the first features that your eyes are drawn to in a kitchen. It is a surface that is subjected to use day in and day out, from essential food preparation to entertaining friends and family. When you are purchasing a benchtop, what do you consider are the most important features? Hopefully, durability is one aspect that comes to mind as your kitchen surfaces will endure scratches, heat, thawing and much more.

Cosentino offers stones for kitchens and other fronts in 100+ colours, hues, and tones to complete your home’s design and style. In addition, Cosentino benchtop materials are highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains, backed by a 25-year guarantee.

Let’s take a look at three popular Cosentino benchtop materials – Silestone®, Dekton®, and Sensa.     


Silestone is a hybrid surface created from quality natural minerals and recycled materials. Formed with a more sustainable approach to architectural surfaces, this material is manufactured with the innovative HybriQ® technology. On top of this, Silestone requires minimal maintenance and Cosentino can guarantee its resistance to scratches and stains.  

Benefits of Silestone surface

  • Stain-resistant – As a heavily used feature, Silestone benchtops are resistant to stains and acidity, which are common in everyday kitchen life.
  • Impact-resistant – Silestone’s high level of scratch resistance means that it can handle heavy objects without concern.  
  • 25-year warranty – Cosentino stands by the design and reliability of Silestone.
All About Cosentino: Silestone, Dekton & Sensa Surfaces, Kitchens Northern Beaches


Crafted by Cosentino, Dekton is made up of 25 natural minerals to form a surface that takes advantage of individual mineral assets including glass, quartz, and porcelain. In production, 25,000 tonnes are exerted onto the finished slabs of Dekton, as well as a temperature test of 1200 degrees Celsius for quality control.

Benefits of Dekton surface

  • High scratch resistance – Kitchen knives are no match for Dekton. However, Cosentino still recommends the use of chopping boards for personal and food safety reasons.
  • Stain-resistant – Dekton is easy to keep clean and maintain.
  • Heat resistant – This surface is durable to the point that it can withstand fire and high temperatures.  
All About Cosentino: Silestone, Dekton & Sensa Surfaces, Kitchens Northern Beaches


Sourced from places including Brazil and India, Sensa is a premium granite surface ideal for use in the kitchen. For a truly unique surface, you may consider Sensa as each manufactured surface is unique, with each slab featuring distinguishable veining.    

Benefits of Sensa surface

  • Stain-resistant – Innovative treatment integrated with the stone’s structural properties.
  • Minimal maintenance – This surface is easy to clean, and sealing is not required for Sensa benchtops.
  • Unique appearance – Cosentino offers a selection of exclusive natural stones with stunning designs in their Sensa range, helping to create timeless spaces.

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Thanks to their remarkable characteristics, Cosentino materials are visually spectacular and functional, serving as a perfect choice for use in the kitchen and other areas in the house. Cosentino is the preferred stone supplier at DK Design Kitchens, having worked alongside this premium brand for decades.

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