7 Tips For Designing The Perfect Walk-in Pantry

Do you find yourself running out of pantry space? Are there days when you can’t seem to find anything in your pantry because it’s too cluttered and disorganized? If so, then a walk-in pantry might be the answer for you! Here at DK Design Kitchens, we know the value of a well-organised and designed walk-in pantry. Read our blog post, which will discuss 7 tips that will help make sure your pantry is perfect.

1. The importance of shelving

You can use shelves for storage, which will allow you to keep pantry bins or boxes off the ground and maximize your pantry’s height. This could include installing shelves that go from floor to ceiling or utilizing a pantry tower.

2. Be practical about storage

Maximize your pantry space by using vertical storage. Using a shelf allows you to store more food in less space because it is using vertical rather than horizontal pantry area which takes up valuable square footage.

3. Increase visibility

Be sure that your pantries are well-lit for easy visibility when looking for items in the pantry. You don’t want any dark areas within a pantry because it could lead to mould development over time or simply make things hard to see if they aren’t lit up properly! Also, make sure there is adequate ventilation so that no mould can develop over time within it. This should help keep all your pantry items fresh and ready for use!

4. Use dividers

Keep pantries organized by using dividers between different types of food items (e.g., canned goods vs dry goods) or placing certain pantry bins on shelves at waist level while others are placed higher up near the ceiling. You don’t want things all clumped together in one area; this will only lead to frustration when trying to find what you need quickly!

5. Stackable bins are a must

Another way to maximize space is by using stackable bins and pantry boxes to create vertical pantry storage. This will allow you to stack bins and pantry boxes on top of each other, saving space. For pantry bins, we recommend using the right size bin for each item. For example, if you’re storing pasta in a pantry box or container, make sure it is big enough to hold all of the boxes together without any space left over; anything that sticks out past your pantry box will take up valuable pantry area!

6. Label, Label, Label

Label everything in your pantry! This will help you quickly and easily identify what is in each container or bin without having to open it up every time. It can also be helpful when other family members are looking for a specific item that they know is stored in the pantry – they can just head to the pantry, see where it’s labelled, and grab it!

7. Keep things clean

Last but not least, make sure your pantry stays clean by wiping down shelves and cleaning out any expired food on a regular basis. This will help keep your pantry organized and smelling fresh!

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