5 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Scandinavian Design

Who doesn’t want a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen? Scandinavian or ‘Scandi’ kitchen designs allow you to get the most out of a kitchen with respect to functionality, layout, and looks. The Scandi design movement started in the 1930s, gaining international recognition and popularity by the 1950s. The main elements of Scandi design include – understated yet flexible design, neutral colours, areas with natural light, wood furniture, and a minimalist aesthetic.  

Scandi elements have truly stood the test of time, resulting in a lasting presence in today’s culture and design. Let’s get into five reasons why the Scandinavian style appeals to designers and renovators all over the world to this day.

Scandi design keeps it simple

Scandi design is distinguished by a minimal, clean approach that brings together functionality and beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and bright spaces, with minimal clutter. It’s difficult to find anything wrong with choosing neutral and monochromatic colours for a home, which are typically popular in Scandi design. While the minimalism associated with Scandi design allows homeowners to invite peace into their humble abodes without having a space that is cold or uninviting.

Scandi design is modern yet timeless

One main appeal of Scandi design is in its ability to remain modern. Incorporating a modern sense and touch, this style is long-lasting and sustainable. Effortlessly put together a stylish and contemporary space with a few well-chosen Scandi items including quality furniture and lighting. Don’t know where to start or looking for inspiration? Check out the DK Design Kitchens gallery here.

Scandi design works well with other styles

Thanks to its simplistic features, Scandi design works well with a range of other interior design styles, from modern, farmhouse, country to industrial style, just to name a few.

Scandi design feels optimistic

Scandinavian design can be perceived as optimistic with its soft and natural aesthetics. There is no fear of an overwhelming, dark style bringing down your interiors because Scandinavian design and style can help lift the overall ambience of a room.

5 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Scandinavian Design, Kitchens Northern Beaches

Scandi design improves daily life

In terms of design, Scandi-inspired furniture is cosy, practical, and is there to enrich the daily life of its owner. Further, the uncluttered nature and simplicity evoke a sense of calm that many of us are missing from our daily lives. After a busy day at work, returning to a home devoid of bulky furniture and clutter is exactly what you deserve. 

Get Started with Your Scandi-Inspired Kitchen Today

We encourage you to go forth and embrace minimalist design, bring some lightness into your home, and tap into the Scandi style! Endlessly classic and designed to last, this style is perfect if you are looking for something contemporary, functional, and beautiful. Speak to a DK Design Kitchens’ design consultant today and uncover the right blend of design, layout, cabinetry, and more to achieve the Scandinavian kitchen you’re after. Visit our Collaroy showroom or call our friendly team on 02 8413 8899 to get started.

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